For over 30 years, equipment leasing and finance teams and vehicle captives have relied on LeasePak Enterprise as their mission-critical asset-based finance accounting solution. LeasePak provides a strategic portfolio management and lease/loan accounting, documentation, and asset management solution. LeasePak was developed by McCue Systems, based in Burlingame, California. Founded by Silicon Valley software engineer and entrepreneur John M. McCue, LeasePak evolved from a customized bank leasing system into a full end-to-end, asset-based finance portfolio management solution. LeasePak won a reputation as the most robust, scalable, and feature-rich option for the burgeoning equipment and vehicle leasing industry. Mr. McCue met NETSOL Technologies CEO Najeeb Ghauri at an ELA conference. It didn’t take long for both to recognize the powerful synergies that the two organizations could offer each other. Soon, it was announced that NETSOL Technologies would acquire McCue Systems and make LeasePak its flagship offering in North America. The launch of LeasePak-CLOUD represents the fullest realization of that vision: the functional depth of LeasePak plus the focused resources of a global engineering team with an unrivaled commitment to deliver engineering excellence. Throughout its rich history, LeasePak has grown in functional depth, technological elegance, and stature. Long in use by F500, Monitor 100, and global equipment and vehicle manufacturing companies, LeasePak has now become available “in the Cloud”. With the launch of LeasePak-CLOUD, finance teams no longer have to choose between functional depth and affordability. LeasePak-CLOUD delivers both in a state-of-the-art package with virtually unlimited scalability to accommodate business growth.