Are you having these problems?

  • We need a cost-effective asset finance suite that does not involve significant capital expenditure.
  • We have outgrown our current loan and lease capabilities, but it will be too expensive to look for an upgrade.
  • We do not have time for a lengthy implementation project. We need a software solution quickly.
  • We do not have the IT staff to manage a robust software suite.
  • We could really use some assistance from industry experts, but we do not want to incur extra costs.
  • We need to supply our customers with the digital solutions they expect.
  • We might not have the same capital as the major companies, but our customers deserve the same service and technology.
  • We want a partner who is as committed to us as we are to our customers.

Don’t worry, we have a solution for you

  • LeasePak CLOUD requires no system start-up costs. There is no software to buy or install!
  • LeasePak CLOUD is an affordable solution with low, monthly costs.
  • NETSOL can have LeasePak CLOUD up and working for your business in as little as 30 days! * (Subject to discovery and specific client requirements)
  • NETSOL’s cloud-based portfolio management eliminates most of the need for IT resources to support new users, system upgrades or portfolio growth.
  • LeasePak CLOUD is built with proven best practice features already, but when you need help, NETSOL’s long-time industry experts are at your service.
  • You can turn on our mobile suite of apps with LeasePak CLOUD to bring your digital strategy to life!
  • LeasePak Cloud can help manage a startup or an established company with a modest portfolio, and is also a proven solution for larger, complex organizations with multi-billion dollar portfolios. You pay for only the portfolio size you have, and never more.
  • NETSOL is committed to partnering with each unique client. We will go the extra mile for you, so you can go the extra mile for your customers. Your success is our success!

Thinking about the best ways to take care of your customers while still growing your company can be overwhelming

At NETSOL, we make it our business to make life easier as you grow your business

About LeasePak CLOUD

LeasePak CLOUD gives your company access to the same powerful finance solution used by global manufacturers, leading banks, Monitor 100 lessors, and Fortune 500 finance companies, but at costs that help your bottom line. With a low monthly service fee, start-up finance companies, regional banks, brokers, and dealers can have access to one of the industry’s most scalable, end-to-end solutions for leasing and lending originations and portfolio management. LeasePak CLOUD streamlines every step of the finance life cycle – from contract origination to all middle and back office activities, straight through to contract end-of-term. It is easy to have your company’s finance solution up and running quickly because LeasePak CLOUD has proven, business-ready functionality and integrations out-of-the-box. In addition, by partnering with NETSOL you have access to the industry’s only ready-to-use solutions for digitizing your company through our Mobility suite. For your peace of mind, LeasePak CLOUD offers a secure system that is accessible any time from any location, by an authorized team member using a standard web browser. Robust solutions. Low costs. Quick start. Unparalleled service. Provided only by NETSOL. NETSOL Technologies and LeasePak CLOUD perform for you, so you can perform for your customer.

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LeasePak CLOUD


The most comprehensive
lease and loan management

Low Cost

Shared cloud resources and low-monthly payments bring cost efficiencies to your business

Out of the Box

Industry best practices built
into the system and ready
to use, immediately

User Friendly

Easy to use screens improving the productivity and efficiency of your business operations


Successfully implemented and
live at over 40 client sites
in the Americas